UnCommitted - For Jesus

Your commitments shape your life more than anything else. They can define or destroy you. But for every commitment there is also something that we must “Un-Commit” from. In our Christian journey, it is sometimes harder to UnCommit, to set aside something for the sake of Christ. We will naturally commit to the things that we perceive to be most important. - Pastor Dave

Open: Have you ever felt stuck by a commitment you made that you wish you could get out of? What made you commit to it? How did you eventually get out of it?

Read: Luke 14; Luke 9


1. In Luke 14, Jesus is invited to the home of a religious ruler. While there, Jesus does something pretty interesting; he heals someone on the Sabbath. Why does Jesus do this? What point is Jesus attempting to make?

2. In Luke 14:7-14, Jesus shares two parables related to feasts and banquets. What do these parables mean? Describe the place of honor in the Jewish culture of the day? How would Jesus’ parables be in direct contrast to their understanding of banquets? In what ways do these examples run perpendicular to our viewpoints today? 

3. In Jesus’ parable in Luke 14:15-24, the invitees make excuses for their planned absences. Describe these excuses: In what ways do we make excuses in our commitments for Christ? What does it mean that there is always something to “uncommit” to when we make a commitment? How have you seen this true in your life?

4. In what ways must we “uncommit” in order to commit to Christ? How does Jesus describe commitment in Luke 14:25-33? Does this type of commitment scare you? Why or why not?

5. How do our desires reveal our commitments? Is it true that we naturally commit to the things we perceive as most important?  Describe the following statement: “When God becomes our greatest desire all other commitments fall into proper place.” How have you seen this true in your life?

Pray: Pray that you would have the courage to “uncommit” from the things in life that are holding you back from following Christ fully.  

Memorize/Meditate: So therefore, any one of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple. Luke 14:33