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The Idol Called Grace

Grace—the centerpiece of Christ’s ministry and our salvation, and one of the core messages of the entire Bible—has been distorted and misapplied without us realizing it. Rather than freeing us from bondage, grace can enslave us in idolatry. It becomes a shallow word wielded to satisfy our selfish hungers. Worse, the concept of grace can often be worshipped more than the God who gives it! Pastor and author Dave Vance topples the many grace-based idols that have taken over our hearts, and helps reveal the true meaning and purpose of grace. Get back to the heart of God’s gift of grace and discover its transforming place in your life. 


What others are saying?

Our hearts and minds perpetually produce idols of all sorts, but is it possible to make grace an idol? In this thought provoking book, Dave Vance explores how we can make idols out of God's good gifts and challenges us not to put anything above God Himself. This book will help you evaluate what you worship and why. 

 Dr. Thomas White, President and Professor of Theology at Cedarville University and Author

Dave Vance enters the ancient discussion on the often over-exercised subject of the grace of God with a much-needed fresh voice in his new book, The Idol Called Grace. Written from the heart of a pastor, yet from a mind of a seasoned theologian, Vance tackles the subject of grace from a perspective every committed believer needs to critically consider.  From the first chapter, you enter the back door on the subject of grace and immediately find yourself called on the wrestling mat to grapple with the familiar doctrine. Each subsequent chapter then leads you further into the new arena of thought challenging your theological framework. By the end of the match, you emerge with a renewed perspective and love for the doctrine and the God who offers us His grace.

What I love about Vance’s style is that it is engaging and readable for those new to walking with Christ while at the same time thought-provoking and deep, rich with doctrinal complexity to challenge even the seasoned believer.  The Idol Called Grace is a breath of fresh air. It is for anyone who has grown weary of the shallow, easy-to-understand doctrine of grace that stains our contemporary churches and bookstores.  This is a book that cannot be recommended highly enough.

Tim Armstrong, Senior Pastor of The Chapel in Akron, Ohio and Author


Dave and I frequently discuss the need to challenge people to live a life for Jesus out of a personal faith rather than some other prime mover such as culture or personal benefit. In light of my regular discouragement with various books over the years, I am thrilled that Dave finally wrote this book. The Idol Called Grace may be one of the best resources I have found. From practical examples to deep Biblical study, The Idol Called Grace will walk you through the dangers of worshiping grace as an idol and how surprisingly prevalent this trend is today. Furthermore, you may find traces of grace as an idol in your own life as I did. Whether you are surrounded by people who are living a cultural Christianity rather than a personal one, or charged to lead such a community of people, this book is a must read. 

 Rev. W. Bernt King Ed.D.