Family Portrait: Parenting

Our children are being launched into an ever changing and ever growing hostile world. If we only focus on the targets of social, academic, economic, and athletic success, they will fall well short of God’s grand purpose for their lives. The Scripture calls them arrows, prepared to penetrate their world with the gospel of Christ. ~Pastor Dave

Open: Describe the most impactful moment you had as a child: Describe the investment you received from your parents whether good or bad: What impact has this had on your life?

Read: Psalm 127; Ephesians 6:1-4


1. Most people believe that good parenting equals good kids. Is this true? Why do most people feel like failures in parenting? How does the Genesis account of creation demonstrate the fallacy of this thinking?

2. Describe the difference between controlling and influencing children: Which do you perceive as the preferred parenting method? Why? How have you seen this played out in your family experience? How should we progressively move from controlling to influencing in the life of our children?

3. David writes a “Song of Ascent” in Psalm 127. Why is this significant? How does this demonstrate the importance of parenting in relation to God’s plan for His people? Notice the repetition in Psalm 127:1. Why the contrast between the Lord acting and our vain pursuit?

4. How are children viewed in our world today? Describe an example of this perspective fleshed out: How is this different than a “heritage” and “reward”? How does our view of children affect our influence over them?

5. Describe the “arrows in the hand of a warrior” illustration in Psalm 127:5. What is unique about this description? What purpose do arrows serve? How should this change our view of parenting and the next generation? How does this picture serve to highlight the importance of generational ministries?

Pray: Pray that your kids wouldn’t merely feel your control but experience your influence.

Memorize/Meditate: Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Psalm 127:4