Jonah: Hiding Somewhere, Running Nowhere

Like Jonah, we all have a propensity to run and hide when God’s plan doesn’t seem to make sense. And oddly enough, there will always be a “ship heading to Tarshish.” But we learn that the God of great expenditure pursues selfish fugitives. Sin is overcome by grace; desperation is overwhelmed by deliverance; and great sin runs into a greater Savior. - Pastor Dave

Open: Have you ever played hide and seek? Where was a favorite place to hide? Why?  

Read: Jonah 1; 2 Kings 14; Nahum 3:1-4; Psalm 139:1-12 


1. Have you ever tried to run or hide from God? Why or Why not? Describe what running from God looks like: What were the circumstances that caused you to run from God?  

2. Describe Jonah’s resume: How was his success as a prophet unique? How does this reality fit into the story of Jonah as a whole?  

3. Describe the relationship between Israel and Assyria (Ninevah): Why did Jonah go to such great lengths to avoid going to Ninevah? What does it say to you that a city like Ninevah was a part of God’s plan? 

4. Notice the use of words like “Arise” (vs. 2); “come up” (vs. 2); “rose” (vs. 3); “went down” (vs. 3). Describe the use of these words in the text. How do these words describe Jonah’s intentional disobedience? 

5. All of us have “that thing” that could cause us to run. For Jonah it was Ninevah...What is it or what could it be in your life that would cause you to run and hide? 

Pray: Pray that you would turn from the areas where you are running from God and rekindle your relationship afresh and anew. 

Memorize/Meditate: Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence? Psalm 139:7