Our Home Part 3: Family Guides


Many men fear that if they fully yield the reins of their lives to Christ, He will take away their manhood, their purpose. But Jesus Christ does not at all diminish manhood. Instead, He calls men to the greater purpose of leadership in the home. He takes our instincts to protect, provide, and conquer, and transfers them to the grander ful llment of leadership in our homes. 

Open: Explain an experience you have had with herding or caring for animals. How dif cult was this experience? Why?

Read: Psalm 78; Genesis 2-3; 1 Corinthians 11:7; 16:13


1. Describe the role of a shepherd. What dif culties do you see in the role of shepherding? How does your role as the family guide display the role of Jesus in the life of Christ?

2. In what ways has the sinful fall affected the way men lead their homes? How have you seen anger and/or passivity displayed among men in our society? What statistics stand out to you most regarding male leadership in the home?

2. Describe the characteristics of sheep. What makes sheep so dif cult to lead? How does this correspond to guiding your family? What makes leading your home so dif cult? What areas seem to con ict with your leadership?

3. In what areas would you say you are successfully leading your home? In what areas do you need to improve? What one thing do you wish your family knew about you that would help you lead them better?

4. What is your plan to lead your home (wife, children, signi cant other) with integrity of heart and skillfulness of hand? List speci c ideas for leading your home forward.

Pray: Men: Pray for strength and wisdom to guide your family well. Women: Pray for the men in your life. Students: Pray that you would follow your dad faithfully.

Memorize/Meditate:“With upright heart he shepherded them and guided them with his skillful hand.” Psalm 78:72